New Cheerleaders – The Cherriettes

Cheer is a fun sport for everyone! Here at Dance Bournemouth! we are lucky enough to support AFC Bournemouth at all of their home games. This enables us to perform in front of huge crowds on a bi-weekly basis, but does mean that we need an amount of dedication, determination, ability and team spirit.

Cheerleading is taught to all age groups from junior (4-7), intermediate (8-11) and senior (12-21). Only those in the senior cheer group may be selected for Cheer Squad. We would like you to attend 3 cheer lessons as a minimum before being considered to the cheer squad. Your squad place will decided by your teacher in class Miss Gemma, Miss Emma and the Cheer Captain, Issy. It will depend on your ability to commit to the future of the squad as well as your ability and determination.

The ideal squad number will be 22-26, with 16-20 performing regularly in routines as an optimum number. When we get to cheer competitions the individuals will again be chosen by their ability and grasp of the routines as well as their fit into a specific role and their dedication. Unfortunately from time to time this may mean that some girls may miss out on some performances, but we aim to keep this to a minimum.

We will teach all levels a routine that can be practiced together when we go to Poole Town FC and also to other public events. Therefore everyone can have a chance to Cheer and perform in front of a crowd. The minimum requirement for this is attendance in class, knowledge of the routine, and uniform which will consist of white shoes, white ankle socks, skirt and the required t-shirt for the day. It may also require extra rehearsals which will be payable at the time.

Issy has been chosen by the squad to be our Cheer Captain, if you have any questions or queries about what to do please speak to her or your teacher.