Adult Lessons

We have a number of adult classes for parents and public interested in dance and maintaining fitness.

Dance lessons are a fantastic way to enjoy keeping fit and can help with weight loss as part of a controlled diet.

Monday classes include Street for the high energy exhilaration at 7pm for 1 hour. You will learn a variety of moves and routines and new comers are welcome weekly to this class paid on arrival.

Adult Tap follows on Monday at 8pm where we have a class focused on new starters and also a development class for those with some knowledge. Our age range varies hugely so come along and try something new and fun. Again classes are £5.50 and paid weekly.

On Tuesday we have contemporary dance which is a true dance class for dance enthusiasts of all ages. Free flowing and graceful you will learn a variety of skills and moves to grace the stage.

Wednesdays are for toddlers and parents so come along and help to show your little one their first steps in ballet, make their first percussion with the tamborine, or simply help them to develop their senses of feel and sound. Classes start at 4pm when we also run the baby ballet class so if you have a young family you can entertain them under one roof!

Zumba with Amy is at 7.15 for the fitness fanatics where you can come and sweat off the calories and have fun with new routines and moves every week.

On Thursdays we have Pilates at 7.30. Everyone who has ever had back, neck, or persistent injuries can benefit from the stretching and strengthening of the core muscles in this hour long session to you own ability at 7.30pm. Come and pay at the time, only £5.50 per hour.

We look forward to seeing you soon! For any more information on any of the classes please contact Miss Emma 07595336327.