As we are now entering the second year in Moordown we are looking to ensure that all uniforms are now the same. We should be using the black or the pink uniforms for the Babies / Preps / Primaries and not the blue as before. With exams coming up soon it is important that all pupils have the correct uniform as regulated by BTDA.

If you need new uniform please see me and we can organise for a discount at our approved supplier for you.

Cheer – If you have one please wear your ECPA t-shirt to Cheer performances until you get there and are given the uniform. White socks and shoes are now worn instead of black. We are looking to get some winter uniforms but until then if it is raining please wear a black waterproof coat. As the winter comes in we will be trying to get some more appropriate branded clothing.

We are looking to introduce a clothing range to the school which can be ordered from within the school. If you have any requests of what you would like to see please let me know. This will be for ECPA and Dance Bournemouth!