Stage Class


Stage Class is designed to give those with a dedicated passion for dance the ability to perform on the stage at regular events at a senior level.

Students are invited to Stage and must take Ballet, Tap and Jazz as core subjects.

The Stage Class is the performing side of the school and is designed for those wishing to be on stage and learn the performance side of dance. It comes with commitment and dedication to work as a team.

The Emma Castle Stage Class is used to take part in local events, competitions, shows and performances. This routine based class is choreographed by Emma and is practically based, so it is mandatory that the technical side is taught in Ballet, Tap and Jazz classes.

We have Junior, Intermediate and Senior Stage. Students are usually aged 10+ and are dedicated and experienced in core subjects.

School uniform is mandatory in all classes. Black t-shirts, black tracksuit bottoms and black jazz shoes or trainers.

Classes are paid weekly and are 1.5 hours long.