Our street is more contemporary for adults and hip hop for youngsters.

We have fun in street and have classes from 5 years old, teen street and adults which are all based on age group. Some of our street classes perform at local events and at shows, so its something for everyone!

Street dance for youngsters is a termly class suitable for everyone and helps them to enjoy a fast paced dance style including modern music hits. Many enjoy the hip hop and locking styles as well as break dance moves. Junior street is aged 4-8.

Senior Street is a termly class aged 8-14 and again focuses on a mix of new dance moves and modern music. It is a similar style to many dance movies and is good for fitness and fun.

Adult street is a more contemporary style of choreography which is fast paced and fitness based. Choreography is used in show work and dance routines worked on are adapted weekly so you can learn bits each week. Classes are paid weekly.